Tahmina Tarzi Avatar
Situated on the second floor of the historical building sits the individual offices of the school's staff. The guard barracks are situated at the furthest end of the floor with the school counselors claiming the front end. Any student wishing to speak with a professor should know their office number in advance of appearing as they will be accompanied by a guard to ensure the safety of the staff on their home turf.
Thora Mariana Humbert-Averill Avatar
Complete with one of the largest libraries in existence in the magical world, Älvdalen's study hall is enchanted with silencing charms and individual tables for study. Parchment, stone, and paperback alike, the library comes complete with spiral staircases stretching the length of the shelves to accommodate even the bravest hunter of knowledge. Careful not to slip on the Ivy lining the railing as Älvdalen prides itself on self-sustainability and flowers of deep pastels can be found growing between the cracks in the stone halls seasonally.