When joining NTR this will be your first stop. Within you'll find all relevant information needed surrounding the current canon, any rosters that need to be filled along with the rules. It is imperative that these are read meticulously not to cause issues in the future for not only yourself but for others. It may be as simple as knowing something simple in the canon not to have your application delayed. The staff believe it unlikely, but please familiarise yourself with all abilities, races, the dueling system and of course the plot.

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The "Character Creation" board is home too all of your needs regarding the establishment of your character. Within, expect to find claims such as the "Face Claim", the "Relationship Claim" and "The Bank". This is also the home to biographies and submission template, but make sure you read the rules before submitting your characters.

Character Development and Communication

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The "Plotting Centre" is the hub for all character relations and tracking. Within, members post small descriptions of their characters along with possible plot avenues in the hopes others will take an interest. You'll also find a board that houses "trackers" which can be used to track how many threads a person owes, but can also be utilised as a timeline of threads for reference.
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Dying to show off that new dress? Have an opinion on what's going on in the world? Maybe you just wanna lurk? Here you'll find the world of the internet and mobile. Feel free to post text conversations, emails and phone calls in this forum! Also, feel free to express your opinion IC of recent site events by writing articles for the Prophet or your own personal blogs that may be featured in our site news section!
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Is there something you just need to get out in writing pertaining to your character? Something you want to play out on your own rather than in thread form? Maybe you're just too excited to wait on writing that wedding thread! Something intense happening to your character you need to make known? Maybe you just have the sudden urge to express your character with nowhere to post! This is the place for it!

Älvadalen Institute of the Arcane Arts

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Recently renovated to include the finest in modern technology and comforts, these apartment-style dorms provide affordable student living while holding true to the school's roots and core values. The wooden interiors host faux fur bed designs and pottery based dishes that perfectly accent the ancient yet oddly comfortable and locally handcrafted furniture. The Österdal river runs alongside the wilds near the homes creating a yearly show of wildlife and foliage right from your bedroom window.
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Boasting a major in every area of the arcane arts, these classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and most informative of books and scriptures suited to a student's needs. If classroom education isn't a student's prefered mode of study, internships are available with the countless partner Ministries across the world. Classes take the form in lectures, seminars are labs; lectures, known as the "big classes" by students are those that can house up to 300 students in an auditorium; seminars are much smaller, often forming a mere 10 or 20 students per class; and finally, labs are hands-on, scientific forms of study taken in muggle-style laboratories.
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Nestled away in the heart of the mountains between lush forests and hot springs alike lies the magical university of Älvdalen. Located in western Sweden, this school boasts protection runes dating back to the age of Vikings. Locals afraid of the arcane properties in those woods have warned current and future generations of ill spirits and bad omens to follow any who enter. Älvdalen is the only known magical university in the world and accepts students worldwide based on merit.

Around The Globe

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Diagon Alley is referred to as the best place to shop for magical goods thanks to its wide array of shops. Across its cobbled streets, you'll find Olivanders and The Leaky Cauldron, as Flourish & Blotts and Gringotts Bank. You may need to duck and dive out of the way when entering the offices of either the Quibbler or the Daily Prophet. This fast paced environment sees news media from all walks of life coming together to deliver the best and recent news on everything going on the world around you!
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One of the most dangerous places in the magical world. Most don't wander the streets and never at night unless they're looking for a fight. Here you can find all your illegal market items as well as the sketchier bars and the do or die underground alleyways and duelling arenas. Home to the most dangerous criminals, this prison boasts multiple levels of unrest and terror for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves housed there. Dementors guard the halls alongside a specially trained task force charged with keeping those condemned secured within.
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The unfortunate explosion marking the streets of London following the events at the IMC summit will leave many scarred. The Alliance and the Hunters are in a race against time and one another to emerge victor in a very heated international debate on magical exposure. Everyone is welcome to participate! Be sure to read the rules and plot thoroughly.

The UK and Ireland are richly embedded in culture and historically breathtaking shores. Quaint market towns mark historic districts and the seaside retreats offer respite to weary travelers. From its roaring coastlines outlined with golden sand beaches and hidden coves to the rolling hills of the countryside speckled with farms and ancient woodlands, there's never a shortage of things to do!
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Known for the unmatched nature and chilly seasons Iceland plays home to more than just exotic wildlife and intense foliage. The Auror department here boasts some of the best numbers in the world! Careful as to which parts of the volcanic bluffs you venture as you may just encounter a member of the historic Montilyet family who have called the rolling hills home since 900 A.D. Their legacy gives the House Of Crows a safe haven beyond those icy shores.
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Dying to visit Egypt? How about the palace in India? Here's where you can head abroad and really live the culture! Careful not to break any international laws lest you wind up calling Azkaban prison your new home for a stretch.

Out Of Character

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Come introduce yourself and let us know if you're going to be away! Waiting on your application to be approved? No problem! Scoot on into this board and play a few games to occupy your mind! We have OOC games as well as IC games! Looking for a snazzy signature to go along with that brand new character? Need help making an avatar set? Here you'll find some super talented members that will help you get all squared away!
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Here's where all the good little threads go to die once they get old or abandoned. Former characters can be found here as well as old threads! If you need something revived from here just let a staff member know and we'll sort you right out!